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My name is Jon.

This web site serves to inform seekers, students, and devotees looking for an accomplished spiritual guide in the New York tri-state area that I am accepting students.

I serve as a teacher of Hatha Yoga, Meditation, and offer spiritual guidance on both the inner and outer Planes.

My more than thirty-five year teaching background began at a young pre school age with spontaneous meditation, continued into my teen years with Hatha Yoga study from Swami Bua, completion of Yoga Tapas in my twenties. and entering into Samadhi by 30. During this time I have sat with Sri Chinmoi, Franklin Jones, Swami Muktinunda, Srila Prabupada, Swami Rudrananda, and have been invited to educate many Hatha Yoga teachers.

Although my teaching practice began with groups, I now exclusively teach individually, one-on-one. I offer classes once per week for each student, although this can vary depending on the need of my student. In addition, depending on the specific circumstances and location of my student, I offer classes both in person and over the phone.

I ask for a weekly donation to help with the physical demands of keeping my teaching practice. I do not accept extravagant gifts, and do not wish those studying with me to give up their secular lives.